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Jamhuri Media Limited (JML), publishers of a weekly Investigative Newspaper, JAMHURI and a newly registered Magazine, THE REPUBLICAN, from June 1, 2017 entered into a 15 month contract with Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF) to embark on Institutional Transformation Program for strengthening investigative journalism skills and the company financial capacity.

TMF has granted the financial support to JML which will be used to transform both; institutional operations and produced quality content. To realize this goal, JML is looking for six (6) trained journalists at the level of Undergraduate Degree for mentoring them to become Investigative Journalists and improve our Editorial Department operations. Successful candidates will join the company under One Year Undergraduate IJ Mentorship Program.

Job title:

Trainee Journalists


  1. To undergo Investigative Journalism Mentorship Program
  2. To research, investigate, interpret and communicate news and public affairs through newspapers, online television, radio and other media.
  3. To collecting local, national and international news through interviews, investigation and observation.
  4. To attend public events, seeking out records, reviewing written work, attending film and stage performances;
  5. Collecting, processing, reporting and commenting on news and current affairs for publication in newspapers and periodicals, or for broadcasting by radio, television or webcast media;
  6. Receiving, analysing and verifying news and other copy for accuracy;
  7. Interviewing politicians and other public figures at press conferences and on other occasions, including individual interviews recorded for newspaper, radio, television or webcast media;
  8. Researching and reporting on developments in specialized fields such as economics, education, medicine, science, technology and sports;
  9. Writing editorials and commentaries on topics of current interest to stimulate public interest and express the views of a publication or broadcasting station;
  10. Writing critical reviews of literary, musical and other artistic works based on knowledge, judgment and experience for newspapers, television, radio and other media;
  11. Selecting material for publication, checking style, grammar, accuracy and legality of content and arranging for any necessary revisions;
  12. Liaising with production staff in checking final proof copies immediately prior to printing;
  13. Selecting, assembling and preparing publicity material about business or other organizations for issue through press, radio, television and other media (special supplements).


For one to succeed to join JML which is the fastest growing Investigative Media House, will have to meet the following requirements:-

  1. Hold a Degree from a recognized University (not later than three years ago)
  2. Fluent in English and Kiswahili; both written and spoken
  3. Ability to interact, communicate and present ideas
  4. Professionalism regarding time, costs and deadlines
  5. Creativity, Flexibility, Attention to Detail, and ability to listen is a requirement


Reporting Relationship:


Successful candidates will be reporting to the News Editor




Since successful candidates will be under One Year Undergraduate IJ Mentorship Program, the company will provide a reasonable stipend compatible with JML scales. Successful candidates will secure employment soon after completion of the program.


Mode of Application:


Interested applicants should submit their applications online through the under designed emails:- and also copy the same to

Applicants should submit a signed motivational letter (with not more than 400 words), their CV and relevant certified copies of certificates through the above emails addressed to:-

The Managing Editor,

Jamhuri Media Limited

P. O. Box 78331,

Dar es Salaam.


The deadline for submitting this applications is December 27th, 2017 at 16:00 hrs. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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